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“No discontentment among YCP leaders or MLAs”


YCP senior leader YV Subbareddy said that there is no discontentment or disappointment among YSRCP leaders or the newly elect MLAs. He met CM Jagan at the latter’s residence in Tadepalli today and later spoke to media and made the remark.

He said MLAs are not unhappy or upset and said that sooner than later CM is going to fill the nominated posts and that many of the party leaders stand chance for the same. He said that post assembly session the posts will be announced.

Meanwhile Nagari MLA Roja met CM Jagan and said that there is nothing like upsetting or cajoling in their party and reiterated they have worked hard to see Jagan as CM and for Rajanna Rajyam. She added they will now see how the Navaratnalu promises be fulfilled without any hurdles.