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Sivaji’s new video byte…on ABN channel!!


Hero Shivaji who shot to fame (or otherwise) with conspiracy theory that he named Operation Garuda. Before that people were rallying with him as a Special Status ambassador too.

Post Garuda theory some followed him and his bytes and some opposed him. Now in a latest Sivaji’s name figured in the TV9 forgery scandal alongside former CEO Raviprakash. He was summoned by the cyber crime police for questioning but Sivaji had not met the police and is absconding. With news that he could leave the country, a look out notice was issued.

And this broke silence of Sivaji who came up with a new video byte. Clarifying that he is not going to flee away Sivaji said that he is unwell due to a sun stroke (after campaigning in Tamilnadu and Karnataka) and said he’s taking rest.

Sivaji warned media for taking advantage of the controversy and said Koushik Rao is targeting him for no reason and making a civil dispute as a criminal case. He admitted of making deal with Raviprakash in February, 2018 and said it was revised recently.

He said that the Telangana Police are acting at directives of the politicians. Sivaji even tried to play Telangana sentiment saying he’s a settler and said that is why police filed a case sans evidence. Sivaji reiterated that its a civil case and cant be escalated to a criminal case. By the way the video is telecast by ABN channel.

Check it out: