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Look-out notices on Ravi Prakash and Sivaji!


It is strange that Telangana police keep churning out Look Out notices sans any result. Earlier it was for Dakavarapu Ashok (TDP Seva Mitra App developer company CEO) and latest the notices are by the cyber crime police on TV9 former CEO Ravi Prakash and actor Sivaji.

Forgery, misappropriation of funds and logo illegal sale, are some of the accusations against Ravi Prakash and Sivaji. But the two are absconding and not attending the investigation and questioning by the police.

Following this look out notices were issued . In order to stop them from leaving the country air ports in India are given instructions. Meanwhile some reports are that both Ravi Prakash and Sivaji are under custody of an important politician in Vijayawada and surroundings.