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Ravi Prakash a reason for Babu & Ramoji Rao’s meet?


With election results date drawing close all parties are exuding confidence that they will win. In AP many surveys are projecting YSRCP as winner but TDP Chief and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been infusing confidence among his party activists that they are going to form the government again.

To that effect he has been conducting review meetings too with his party leaders. He literally fought with EC to get consent for his cabinet review meetings. And suddenly he called off those to go and meet Eenadu Groups Chairman Ramoji Rao. The meeting set many tongues wagging in the political circles.

Babu came in a chopper to Ramoji Film City to take party in a private event and the two big wigs had a confidential meeting. They could have spoken about elections in the state and across all states and about various developments thereafter. But most importantly it is being speculated that Babu must have spoken about saving TV9 Ravi Prakash. When Ravi Prakash was TV9 CEO, he had been voice of Telugu Desam Party and played a big role in elevating party and Babu’s image. So the speculation on reason why Babu met Ramoji Rao seems logical. What say?