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If Jagan becomes CM, he’d follow Amma and Didi


With most surveys and speculations are siding opposition YSRCP the YCP cadres are almost certain that the Jagan wave will translate to votes and Jagan becoming CM of the state. In the wake of such reports some leaders have even begun lobbying too for posts and powers. Meanwhile discussion is about Jagan’s salary as CM of the state.

Should all things favour YSRCP Chief and Jagan becomes CM then a report says that Jagan will not take any salary. With state’s exchequer in doldrums the party chief decided to go on austeritic measures by not taking honorarium payment.

It is known that CM Chandrababu takes 2.5 lakhs and is the third CM from top to take highest remuneration. KCR too is not far behind. But Jagan wanted to follow Amma Jayalalitha and didi Mamata Banerjee and will take one rupee as salary. Its a good gesture. But we will wait until results to see if this is true or rumours.