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Fight not against EC: Babu another U turn


AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s record breaking feat of changing words do not need special mention. TDP Chief is known to twist words according to his needs. Until recently he has been spitting fire at EC and latest he’s quoted saying his fight is not against EC.

It is known that Babu is after counting VVPAT slips and tallying the votes polled in EVMs and VVPAT slips. Babu even filed a petition with the SC regarding the same. And SC said its not possible. Until now Babu was criticising and targeting EC but in his latest tweets CBN sounded different.

He said fight is not against EC and covered saying it is against the bias of the officials and their favoritism.

He said while EC took 73 days for the poll schedule why cant it afford another 6 days extra to count the 50% VVPATs. He asked why should PM Modi be panicked at this. Babu also criticised Modi’s dig at Rajiv Gandhi and said that Modi has no respect for the dead. But why is Babu continuously harping at VVPATs even after Supreme said NO?