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Chandrababu deciding something BIG??


Looks like Babu is up to something big. The smart administrator that he has been he made an appeal to all TDP leaders; MLA and MP contestants in particular to meet him.

Perhaps Babu wants to plan his moves much before the counting of votes with care. Because if the numbers come in close then it would raise curtains to resort politics and camp politics. In order to make sure ball is in his court no matter how the results come TDP Leadership called his MP and MLA contestants to meet him on April 22nd.

Even though talk is that there is a tough fight between TDP and YCP many surveys are predicting that opposition YSRCP has the best chance to form the government in 2019. The party chief too did not lose composure post elections which indicates his confidence. However that doesn’t deter Chandrababu Naidu one bit and he is willing to do anything to save his government and power regardless of the numbers. Hence he is going to brief his party leaders on April 22nd in order to review and analyze the poll trends.

But isn’t this too early for such a meeting? What would be the embarrassment of TDP leaders if numbers fall really very short?