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Forensic audit if TDP loses!


AP government technical advisor Hari Prasad said that there is no question of TDP losing in the state and that if TDP loses they will demand for forensic audit.

Speaking to a media channel Hari Prasad said that he too took part in the election campaign and that he tried to understand the pulse of the people. Hari Prasad said that he had role in managing social media too. The man said if EC is one sided parties will naturally get doubts.

He criticised EC that it did not respond to over 140 complaints by TDP. He appealed to people to root for ballot paper instead of EVMs and said that technology should be used for voter verification and for recognizing voters Aadhar or biometrics should be used. If poll booths are under CCTV surveillance this can be managed well.

But is Hari Prasad not aware of the crowds that came to YS Jagan’s road shows? If he is predicting TDP victory based on crowds then it definitely has to be YSRCP. By epic standards crowds for Jagan are huger!!