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Babu can’t steal other party votes: GVL


GVL predicted that TDP will be totally out in this elections. Speaking to media in Delhi, GVL today said that when they made remarks about EVMs earlier there was no VVPATs system at all. The BJP spokesperson said that VVPATs is a result of efforts from BJP and the like.

GVL said that about 3 crore voters in AP voted and even checked their votes via VVPAT system and said no one had complaints about VVPATs that their vote went to other party. He added that its only the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu who is alleging about VVPATs. He questioned what is the reason behind such suspicion for Chandrababu.

He made satirical remarks that Babu may be not knowing how to check on VVPATs or perhaps must have pressed other button because he’s suffering from mental illness. He stated that votes pressed for TDP will alone be TDP votes and that the party cannot steal other party votes and that every vote has been recorded on VVPAT.