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CBN’s Bihari Dacoit jibe gets befitting punch from PK!


AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s politics are touching new low by day. Fearing loss in the elections he has been resorting to derogatory language targeting the opposition YSRCP. Latest, his insecurity made him take a jibe at YCP’s Political Strategist Prashant Kishore too.

Naidu said that KCR is doing criminal politics by grabbing MLAs of Congress and TDP and added that Bihari dacoit Prashant Kishore has removed lakhs of votes in Andhra Pradesh. But in no time CBN got mercilessly criticised by people and Prashant Kishore himself tweeted a reply to Naidu and it went hugely viral on social media. PK’s tweet reads:
An imminent defeat can rattle even the most seasoned politicians. So I’m not surprised with the baseless utterances of @ncbn

Sirji rather than using derogatory language that shows your prejudice & malice against Bihar, just focus on why people of AP should vote for you again.