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Pawan and his mask politics @Rajamahendravaram!


On social media netizens have been alleging politicians of mask politics. While TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu alleges Jagan and KCR as Modi’s pawns, YSRCP alleges that Pawan is a mask of TDP.

In fact we have seen so many people take off masks and show (read shower) love for Chandrababu in the last five years. From Ashok Babu to Chalasani to Operation Garuda Sivaji, all of them hail CBN as a super star of AP politics. Their target is to stop YS Jagan. Pawan for some reasons is not easily taking off mask but YSRCP cadres somehow catch the Jana Sena Chief of his love for CBN.

In the Jana Sena Party formation day speech at Rajahmundry, Pawan’s speech sounded like it was scripted by TDP, like a TDP mouth piece he went lashing out at Jagan. Strangely there was no mention of sand mafia or the Agri Gold mafia or the call money or the land scams by Lokesh and his coterie. If not now, the alliance between TDP and Jana Sena is a sure shot thing. Pawan who is aware of the ground reality that his party cannot win to form a government is showing signs of full support to CBN.