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Vangaveeti Radha’s brother faults Radha joining TDP!


Vangaveeti Radha Krishna joining TDP had not met with joy in the family of the Vangaveetis at least. Today many followers and family members of late Vangaveeti Ranga protested and opposed Radha Krishna joining the TDP.

Radha’s cousin brother Vangaveeti Narendra (who happens to be son of Vangaveeti Narayana Rao, brother of the late Vangaveeti Ranga) found fault with the recent developments and opposed of Vangaveeti Radha leaving the YSRCP and joining TDP.

Addressing the media Vangaveeti Narendra said that Radha joining the same party which is responsible for Ranga’s death doesn’t bode well and send good signals among the Ranga followers. He in fact alleged that Radha left father’s aspirations aside and had joined the TDP for his career and/or interests.

Narendra appealed to members of Ranga Radha Mitra Mandali to not panic and assured them of protecting their interests. Will Narendra now embark on a political route to take on cousin brother Radha remains seen. Here is Narendra’s protest: