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Kanna satires on Nara Leakesh….err..Lokesh!!


It’s already known that Nara Lokesh has been coming down on opposition saying that Jagan joined hands with Modi in order to get away with his cases. Following this BJP leaders have been criticising Lokesh.

TS BJP leader Kishan Reddy said that they dont need any alliance in AP, the party chief in AP Kanna Lakshmi Narayana said that Lokesh is least knowledgeable with regard to electoral system or constitution of India. He said these are too big for Lokesh’s small brain to comprehend or understand and passed satires saying that Leakesh (he addressed Lokesh as Leakesh in his tweet) should seek his father to give tuitions in understanding about constitution or election system.

Kanna also said that after elections Lokesh will be hands free with lot of free time to take tuitions. The BJP leader’s tweets in the recent times are turning out huge hits with likes and retweets.