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Naidu, Jagan or Pawan? Who will get his support?


There is a staggering 26% of kapu voters in Andhra Pradesh and that’s huge enough to make the community a decisive factor for the elections. And Mudragada Padmanabham is one of the most influential leaders of the community and his support would mean a great deal of good to the political party.

But the man in question Mudragada is still keeping closed with regard to his political stand and not talking about the elections. The ruling TDP has already begun luring the Kapu activist by offering them half of the 10% reservation announced by the Centre to the EWS upper castes (which is 5%). This is going to spell trouble for the YCP and the party cannot lose out on the big kapu vote bank.

Jana Sena too would not leave any stone unturned and want his own share of votes because the party chief belongs to that community.

It remains seen which party will get the support of Mudragada as he becomes the crucial factor.