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Much better looking than Rana as Chandrababu…!


Balakrishna’s NTR Biopic is doing hulchul in theaters currently. Meanwhile maverick movie maker Ram Gopal Varma has been releasing songs from his upcoming Lakshmi’s NTR as competition to NTR’s biopic.

His two songs have already become hub for controversies. So far Varma did not unveil his characters and today he revealed two of his main leads; Chandrababu Naidu’s character and Lakshmi Parvathi’s character. While Yagna Shetty is playing Lakshmi Parvathi, Sri Tej who played Devineni Nehru character in his Vangaveeti movie is reprising the character of Chandrababu Naidu.

Sri Tej seems perfectly set as Naidu and in fact looks better than Rana as Chandrababu. While Yagna Shetty is just about ok. So who is playing Varma’s NTR? A huge suspense there.