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Jagan won’t get CM seat, Lord Balaji wont bless..!!


AP Minister KE Krishna Murthy made some sensational remarks targeting YCP Chief today. His satirical remarks are rude and jealous as well. Speaking to media today he said that Jagan wont get CM seat and that even Lord Venkateswara Swamy will not bless him.

The Deputy CM of Andhra Pradesh asked Jagan to remember this and said why wont the opposition leader question Prime Minister Narendra Modi for betraying AP and for denying SCS and funds and industry incentives to the state. Since Jagan isn’t questioning any of these he asked if Jagan was not born in AP and if people of the state are not his. He criticised Jagan’s Tirumala visit after wrapping up his padayatra and said that no matter how hard Jagan prays, he will still not become CM. KE said people’s blessings are for their party.

If people are for their party, KE does not have to waste time making loose remarks like these. KE’s punches are nothing but jealous.