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Strange speculations about Akhila Priya’s political moves!


In the recent times Bhuma family and TDP Chief are not in good terms, at least from the look of media. The rift has been widening so much so that it’s being rumoured that Akhila Priya is displeased with party High Command’s attitude towards her. Reports are that she has been contemplating a jump from TDP as well.

The Tourism Minister has slowly been distancing herself from party’s affairs and recently declined security cover too for touring her constituency. Akhila Priya’s absence at the Janma Bhoomi meeting in her constituency let the tongues wag about her defection now.
What is even more shocking is that Jana Sena party leaders meeting the lady and holding meetings with her.

Will she join Jana Sena? Of course the only party she is left with currently is that. She can go back to YSRCP but will she end her ego trip? Wait and watch!!