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KCR announces unemployment allowance plus..!!


This is a proof as to why the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is unlike other CMs and one who’s most talked about today. Just before the Assembly elections the Telangana Chief Minister announced an allowance of Rs 3016 per month for youth as Unemployment Allowance who do not have an employment despite possessing academic qualifications.

The TRS Government studied how the plan of unemployment allowance is being executed in different states where it is offered. In Chhattisgarh youth in the age group of 18 and 35 get Rs 1,000 if the family annual income does not cross Rs 2 lakh. In Haryana, tenth Passed Out get Rs 100 Unemployment Allowance and the Intermediate Pass Outs get Rs 900, and a degree holder gets paid Rs 1,500 every month. And those that possess Masters get Rs 3,000 every month.

Unemployed Males get 650 rupees as compensation in Rajasthan while female counterparts get Rs 750 per month. If they have a degree or recognition Rs 1,000 every month is given as allowance. In MP 1,000 every month is given to the Unemployed. In Kerala, Unemployment Allowance is not more than Rs 120 every month.

TRS Government wants to give the advantages of Unemployment Allowance to Youth in the 18 to 35 years age group. The criteria are being worked out. The unemployed will have to select their names in the Employment exchanges and parameters will be drilled down to sort out the beneficiaries at district level.

It would be considered crime of those working in private firms are yearning for the unemployment allowance. Guidelines are being prepared so that abuse of the scheme is eliminated. The Unemployment Allowance will be paid from June 2, 2019.