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TDP vote share lower than NOTA in Telangana!


In the just concluded Telangana elections TRS party wins for the second consecutive term and created history. CM KCR even thanked people and supporters in a press meet. Coming to the vote share TRS got 73.1% vote share and NOTA registered 1.6%. Shocking share is that of TDPs.

The Chandrababu led party registered a mere 1% vote share. This is such a shame where even BJP got improved vote share despite not winning more than two seats. This iterates Telangana people rejected kootami. Chandrababu who was enthusiastic to form and perhaps even lead an anti-BJP alliance at the national level got a jolt in the neighbouring state itself for allying with Congress party.

People rejected opportunistic Babu and also Congress at the same time. This is disgrace to TDP more so because AP CM, and several ministers and MLAs from AP campaigned for kootami in Telangana and the best they got is a vote share that is lesser than what polled for NOTA!