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Telangana should be Chandrababu mukth!


BJP takes their election slogan as Chandrababu vimukta Telangana. This sounds rather funny but with the initiative of Chandrababu Congress and TDP have formed into alliance. This was never thought of but CBN made it possible.

The alliance has now become an irritant to major party TRS and also BJP. Telangana BJP Chief Secretary Muralidhara Rao said that there should be TDP free politics in the state. He said that Babu needs to give reply to people of Telangana regarding his letters on stopping of projects in the state.

He also said that parties that are allying with TDP will be hugely at loss and added that Congress will receive the shock soon. He said that Telangana should be CBN free and gave new meaning to TDP saying Telangana Dhoka Party. He also alleged that TRS and Congress both are trying to divide Hindus and Muslims.