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Savyasachi Movie Review

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya made giant strides from almost vanishing to become a potential star with Premam. He too acknowledged the same and credited Chandoo Mondeti for success. Now, both are back with Savyasachi, a film that has a hero’s body part behaving completely independent of him. What did they do now? Does this one have enough legs and content to perform at box office? Let’s discuss
Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) is born with Vanishing Twin Syndrome and he reluctantly accepts his left side that acts independently and it is named by his parents as Aditya. Vikram Aditya falls in love with Chitra (Niddhi Agerwal) and before he could accept her love, he has to attend a family emergency regarding his sister (Bhoomika Chawla).
Chitra hates him for leaving her stranded and Vikram suddenly falls from a huge cliff while he is going to Manali. Interestingly all other passengers in the bus know Arun Raj (Madhavan) and they even try to find out what connection they had with him before dying. What is his connection with Vikram?  Is he after his life? Why? Watch the movie for answers…
Naga Chaitanya as a performer has improved a lot but his fascination with action dramas that involve missing family members and him running around the city or town to save them, seems to be his major drawback. He needs to come out of such dramas and find may be not too complicated action films if that’s the way he wants to proceed.
R. Madhavan is underutilised in the movie in a character that doesn’t really need a performer like him. But in a complete negative role, he seemed to be quite comfortable. Niddhi Agerwal looked good.
Vennela Kishore is hilarious. Satya, Bhoomika Chawla, Nagineedu, Hyper Aadi, Rao Ramesh and Praveen are adequate.
Yuvaraj did his best to keep the frame rich and deliver a pleasing visual. Other than that he did not try to give any depth to the visual at any point.
Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao as an editor seems diabolical. In few films his work shines the best while in few films it is the major hindrance. Savyasachi falls in the later category. His work seems to be patchy and irritating than smooth.
MM Keeravani did a fine job with songs. His BG score is really good in few scenes where the elevation is needed. But in some scenes mostly in romantic thread he tried many things that did not really sit well.
Chandoo Mondeti as a writer is good in dialogues. But as a screenplay writer, he seems to get confused whether his story is more important than a commercial aspect. As a director, Chandoo is bold enough to experiment. He does have a clarity on how his hero should be and how his villain should be. But he fears in going into the full depth of their dark and lighter sides. On the whole, Savyasachi needed him to be a story teller bold enough to stick to the point but he wanted all commercial elements that fans would want than normal audience who would enjoy the story more.
Good plot point
Few action sequences
Madhavan’s performance
Niddhi Agerwal looks nice
Less developed characters
Over dependence on masala ingredients
Fatigue in story development
 Lathergic romantic track
Mythri Movie Makers, who have been on a roll with Industry hits are back with an another interesting concept “Twin Vanishing Syndrome”. Chandoo Mondeti had three characters here, Vikram, Aditya and Arun Raj. If he had depended on developing them, he would have easily scored a hit. Rather he left Aditya as an extension of Vikram and Arun Raj, a spineless loser. He could have easily brought in Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker vs Han Solo with Solo and Skywalker in same body. But he just wanted Nagarjuna fans to remember hey days of their favourite star and try to enjoy one or two well choreographed fight sequences in a lethargic screenplay.
Rating: 2.5/5