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“CM’s publicity craving touches new low…”


YSRCP Chief Secretary Bhoomana Karunakara Reddy took down on AP Chief Minister and said that the CM’s craving for publicity is seeing new low. He said that CM is using even the Titli relief works for his publicity and mileage.

He demanded that at least now the CM speeds up the relief works for the victims. Speaking in media conference at Vizianagaram Bhoomana suggested that CM ups the pressure on centre to get funds for rebuilding of Srikakulam. He said that the coconut, banana and the cashew plantation farmers should be generously helped.

He requested that poor who have lost homes to the cyclone should be given new houses. Bhoomana said that Odisha too got affected from the Titli but despite same damage the areas in Odisha are in much better shape today. He criticised AP government failed totally in preventing the cyclone damage.