Home Political News Janmabhoomi Committees looting away Titli relief

Janmabhoomi Committees looting away Titli relief


One week down the line, AP government is still struggling to bring life to normalcy in the Titli hit Srikakulam district. Opposition is criticising the ruling party for lackadaisical and reckless attitude yet there is not much change.

In fact, CM said that relief will be provided by October 29th but it looks difficult. There is no food still to many people and even though the government is saying help has been released. But whatever little help has been released the Janma Bhoomi Committees that are present in the villages from nowhere are looting away. YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy has slammed ruling party regarding the same and asks if there is hope or not for the Titli victims.

Instead of working on war footing to bring normalcy situation, IT Minister Nara Lokesh has been criticising opposition for not doing anything in Titli relief. Is it not the responsibility of ruling party Lokesh sir or that of the opposition?