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Sadineni Yamini harassed with sleazy language!


TDP spokesperson and representative Sadineni Yamini’s potshots at Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan have become hot discussion point in AP politics. She not only gave a befitting reply to Pawan’s remarks on political heredity and nepotism telling about 8 heroes came from Mega family after Chiranjeevi and asked if this is not heredity.

She had also questioned Pawan’s rights to question on Lokesh’s stature and calibre. She questioned where from Jana Sena Chief got 38 crores to fund the kavathu. Her remarks have literally rised heat in AP politics. But at the same time Pawan’s hard core fans started targeting her and harassing and abusing her modesty in language that is crass.

The lady in a Facebook post revealed how Jana Sena cadres have targeted her and vowed that the Goddess she prays would take care of them. This is not the first time Jana Sena cadres targeting a woman. In fact they do not want anyone to criticise Pawan Kalyan. This could prove detrimental to Pawan’s political growth as such. Pawan who never warned his fans about their unruly attitude should at least now appeal to them to stay composed.