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Super Star dragged in #MeTooControversy!


The MeToo campaign that kicked off recently has taken the country by storm and has even hit the shores of politics with politicians being dragged into this. Yesterday singer Chinmay shared an anonymous screenshot of a woman who alleged sexual harassment by Sri Lankan Star Cricketer Lasith Malinga.

Just a while ago celebrity hair stylist Swapna Bhavnani dragged Super Star and Big B Amitabh into this. After Bachchan lent his voice to the #MeToo movement saying corrective measures need to be taken, ex Bigg Boss contestant and celebrity hair stylist Swapna Bhavnani came out lashing at Big B saying truth about Bachchan will be out soon.

The former Bigg Boss contestant gave a hint saying Pink movie has come and gone and that the image of Big B as activist too will be gone soon. She even said that now that his name got dragged Sr Bachchan will be biting hands as nails wont be enough. In fact Swapna retweeted a sleazy news on Big B’s extra marital relationship with yesteryear’s actress Parveen Babi, saying he’d pay for all the errs.

Meanwhile, there is growing demand and pressure on Modi government to initiate probe against MJ Akbar. The MeToo campaign will reveal more skeletons off the closet for sure.