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Can Balayya deliver goods for Babu?


Chandrababu Naidu’s politics are astounding and amusing. But his political moves are well planned out and strategic often times than not. Since Babu wants to play key role in the Mahakutami, he has been eyeing the traditional vote bank in the Telangana state.

Thanks to the good response that Balayya’s Khammam visit got Babu is now planning to expand the role of the actor and Hindupur MLA in the Telangana state. Balayya might lead campaign for the party in pockets and TDP strong holds to woo the voters and increase chances of the party’s win.

Most latest, Telangana TDP leaders have met Balayya at the Saradhi Studios as the latter was shooting for NTR biopic there. Balayya is strikingly resembling NTR in the look. But will Balayya deliver goods for Babu in the state remains seen.