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IT raids are vengeance: Lokesh


AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh alleged that centre is resorting to vengeance and the IT raids in the state are a proof of Centre’s vengeance against the state. Lokesh said that no time there were raids of this range. Speaking to media today Lokesh said that they had to suspect after seeing 19 teams and 200 members coming to Vijayawada for raids. He said that this was discussed in the cabinet meeting too and said it is clear that there is centre’s conspiracy in this.

Lokesh recalled that they did not respond on IT raids earlier and questioned if this is not causing fear amongst investors. He said such raids could create hurdle for the state development. Lokesh warned this is not right to create problems when their CM is working day and night for the state.

His remarks and speech are getting mercilessly trolled on Youtube and other social media fora and netizens are asking how is it not fair to raid CMs benamis houses. People are trolling why should an honest CM fear IT raids.