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Babu’s cheap AMBULANCE trick on Jagan!


This is sick and cheap at the worst, probably only possible by someone who is 40 years experienced in politics. Yes, we are talking of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and his shady politics to outsmart political opponents.

Case in point it is known to everyone that 108 ambulance service is non existent and the once very successful Aarogya Sri scheme a dead program. Recently when Jagan was addressing public at Nellimarla an auto carrying a pregnant lady in labour came the way and the leader of opposition took down on AP government for killing Aarogya Sri and 108 ambulance service.

Jagan appealed to people to give way to the auto so that the pregnant woman reached hospital safely. Jagan’s gesture garnered huge love. This did not sit well with the ruling party.

Now in order to put down Jagan and to mock him, today, a 108 ambulance was sent near Jagan’s meeting to prove that the service is functioning and to see if Jagan will appeal to people to give way to the ambulance. However, Jagan gave back some piece of mind to AP government lashing out at the ambulance coming to a place which had no roads. Certainly Babu must have got the stroke of this. Man who claims himself as the senior most politician should do decent politics.