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Illi babe a favorite to CRIMINALS and ROGUES


Goan beauty Ileana has not many projects in her hand. Yet there is no fall in the craze she claims among youth. Here is the proof. She has won the ‘Most Sensational Celebrity’ title. According tot he Global Computer Security Software Company survey hackers love Ileana and used her name to divert traffic to malicious websites and to inject malware. In fact until recently it was Kapil Sharma who has been leading in the race but Ileana overrun him and occupied first place.

McAfee representative spoke on this and said that its tapping in on the craze celebrities have that hackers and cyber criminals take as opportunity and try to steal personal information and data and to inject virus that could ruin computers.

So, people, next time, when you are searching for personal details about your famous celebrity, make sure you visit anti-virus certified safe websites.