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Jagan reasons why CBN isn’t arrested yet!


Opposition leader and YSRCP Chief Jagan fired salvos at Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. Jagan said CM is fooling people in the name of Dharma Porata Deeksha. He said that when Cabinet passed resolution on SCS and when the file had gone to Planning Commission CM Chandrababu did not bother.

He added that for more than three and half years CM kept praising BJP and even trumpeted that no other state could get as much as AP got from the centre. Now he took a U turn and telling complete lies Jagan said. He compared CM to an accused who killed parents and later crying in the court saying he lost his parents.

Jagan recalled that it was YSRCP that passed NCM against the centre and then came CBN with the idea and is now fooling people that he was the one who passed no confidence against the Centre. Jagan said in spite of having a BJP member as TTD member why are TDP and CM alleging about YCP BJP alliance.

Jagan alleged that in spite of being caught red handed in the note for vote case because Babu compromised with the Centre he did not get arrested yet. He said even after Lokesh and Chandrababu earning 4 lakh crores by corruption and still it is strange to see that there is no investigation on the CM and his corruption. He said even after CAG pointed out 1853 crores misuse in Polavaram contracts its because of Babu’s friendship with BJP he is still not arrested. Jagan added that he would fail on his words and hence there were cases filed against him.