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Devadas Movie Review


Akkineni Nagarjuna & Nani joined hands for the first time to deliver a multi-starrer, ‘Devadas’ directed by Sriram Aditya who proved his mettle with ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’ and ‘Shamanthakamani’. Producer Ashwini Dutt testing his luck again with this movie. Has ‘Devadas’ lived up to the expectations?


Deva (Nagarjuna Akkineni) is a good guy turned into a completely ruthless don and his godfather, Dada (Sharath Kumar) is killed by David (Kunal Kapoor). Now, Deva has to come out of the hiding to take revenge.

Dasu (Nani) believes in saving people and he as a doctor is very trustworthy. He is innocent and gullible as well. But he gives life if he trusts someone as friend. Deva becomes his friend in a tricky situation and what happens to them forms the rest of the story.


Nagarjuna is looking charming on screen and he drove many mediocre scenes to home with his performance. He looks like an young actor and dominated Nani throughout the film. His screen presence and active performance after many movies lightens our hearts.

Nani is good in most scenes but he is unable to clearly carry himself throughout the film. In some scenes, he is too good and in few he tried too much. On the whole, he tried hard to be noticeable in front of Nag but couldn’t really succeed.

Rashmika’s make-up is a big minus for her in the film. Akanksha Singh is good. Kunal Kapoor is regular but he did put in more efforts than many others. Murali Sharma, Sharath Kumar, Avasarala Srinivas and others are good.


Mani Sharma songs aren’t bad at all. ‘Vaaru…Veeru’ Song composition and picturization is worth praising. For some reason, ‘Edo Edo’ track which is so good has been cut. Background Score is pretty good. Camera Work by Shyam Dutt is one of the highlights. The whole movie looks so rich and colorful. Production Values are on par with Vyjayanthi Movies. Story penned by Satyanand and Bhupathi Raja lacked any speciality. Sriram Aditya’s Screenplay is okay. Stylish Taking has been the biggest positive. The Young Filmmaker designed the roles of Two Heroes very well & generated good humour making use of their backgrounds. He, however, failed to etch rest of the characters well and maintain a good flow.


Nagarjuna’s performance

Nani’s acting in few scenes

Few songs are good on screen



Very slow narrative.

Mafia Setup

Director couldn’t match to the expectations


People are curious to know how their combo scenes would be like.. The director couldn’t create a good enough platform for the performances to explode and exceed the expectations. He needed to create an even more indulging and involving base for the audience to forget the predictable screenplay.

Scenes in this film follow a set pattern for most part but the young director is able to engage the audience in bits and pieces. The director delivered mildly entertaining film. Overall it is time pass film, you can catch the movie for weekend.

Rating: 2.75/5