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Chintamaneni booked under SC/ST atrocities act!


A criminal case has been filed against Denduluru MLA, Chintamaneni Prabhakar and two of his aides including his three gunmen. The case was filed at Eluru Three Town police station. Case is after a complaint was lodged against the TDP MLA by one dalit supervisor, Rachiti John, at an IML depot near Eluru Railway Station.

As per the complainant MLA summoned him to his house and beat him up, after abusing him in the name of his caste. Dalit activists and left groups took up the case and protested for 10 days compelling police to take action. Finally, giving in police filed SC/ST Atrocities Act and booked MLA under Section 323.

It all happened when John dismissed a worker on grounds of inefficiency and poor performance. MLA summoned him to his house on September 10th and asked him to reinstate the employee and when John did not give in to the demand Chintamaneni assaulted him. Pressure from Dalit activists compelled police to act.

Chintamaneni is notoriously famous for assaulting MRO Vanajakshi and dalit anganwadi women who went demanding salary rise.