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Jana Sena Party symbol confusion…!!


During the West Godavari Praja Porata Yatra, Jana Sena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan said that ‘Raised Fist’ is the symbol of their party. He clarified that the fist indicates unity, that of all castes, regions and religions.

However this led to a storm on media that Jana Sena Party got its symbol and that it’s fist. It was thought that party’s election symbol will be fist. While fans celebrated, trolls started their game.

With confusion raising party’s sources came up with clarification and said that ECI will give the party’s symbol and that Pawan only spoke about the symbol on the flag.

Meanwhile, Pawan released party’s vision document and it primarily aimed at equal justice to all sections of the people which was also the same motto that even Praja Rajyam Party said!!