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Chi La Sow Movie Review


Rating: 3/5
Cast: Sushant, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore
Music: Prashant Vihari
Producer: Jaswant Nadipalli, Nagarjuna Akkineni
Writer-Director: Rahul Ravindran


Arjun (Sushanth), who is not ready to get married as he has some goals to meet in his life agrees to see a girl on his parents pressure. He tells her that he is not interested in marriage and even Anjali’s (Ruhani Sharma) situation will also be complicated due to her mother’s health condition. Rest of the story is all about if Arjun and Anjali will marry each other or not? Interestingly, the whole story happens just in a day.


Sushanth after a long time, really acted well and improved a lot from his previous movies. He did not try to over act or try hard to make us believe that he is acting. He finally behaved in a character rather than just trying act as one.

Ruhani Sharma is a surprise package. Without much make-up, she simply sole the show strong Anjali. She deserves all the praises coming her way. Vennela Kishore brings the house down. But Rahul Ramakrishna irritates a bit. Rohini after a long time, got a beautiful character and she performed excellently. Anu Haasan, Jayaprakash are good.


Chota K. Prasad’s cut for this film is slightly different from usual and added to the freshness the writer-director is going for. Sukumaran, the Director of Photography, created a believable world with the two characters. This is one of his best works and suited the story really well. Music by Prashanth Vihari mixed into the proceedings and we don’t feel like it has been attached to the movie forcefully. We enjoy the beats as they dwell well into the movie.

Writer-Director Rahul Ravindran did bring that into each character’s performance to start off. He keeps us engaged with all the quirks from the characters and cleverly overshadows many things for us pick up on. He also believes in showing rather than saying and that is a big plus for the movie.


Ruhani Sharma’s Performance

Fresh comedy

Good writing

Well realised characters




Few stretched sequences

Some forced emotions


Chi La Sow impressed us with teasers and trailers and lived up to its hype, the credit goes to Rahul Ravindran for his treatment to the story. This is a great debut for him and will also give much needed break for Sushant. Rahul accomplishes the task but he misses out on scoring even better marks as he fails to make the story even more gripping after a point. For now, it is a good watch for your weekend.