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‘Lover’ Movie Review


Raj Tharun, who was going through a rough phase in his career has pinned lot of hopes on Lover. Let’s see how the movie fared..


Raj (Raj Tharun), a bike modifier falls in love with a nurse, Charitha (Riddhi Kumar). Charitha likes to help others without thinking about her well-being first. She tries to help an young girl Lakshmi and falls in problems.

On the other hand, Raj is an orphan, he calls Jaggu (Rajeev Kanakala) his brother. Jaggu is a criminal working for Sampath (Subbaraju). Jaggu gets involved in a situation which makes him go against Charitha and Raj. What will he do? Who is behind all these problems of Charitha? Watch the movie for answers


Raj Tharun is either over acting or underplaying in such a way that he kills the life of the character, in his recent films. In this film, he decided to overact. He did the over action in such a way that from first frame to last frame, we hate his character than loving it.

Riddhi Kumar looks good and too young. She needs to improve on her acting skills. Rajeev Kanakala is good in the character given to him but it did not suit him at all.

Others like Sachin Khelkar, Ajay, Subbaraju, Rohini are wasted in the movie.


Sameer Reddy is good in his cinematography and some of his visuals are really exemplary for the kind of film it is. He did not get a good script to work with.

Pravin Pudi, the editor of the film just did not work like a pro on this one. It seemed like someone who is learning editing techniques tried his or her hand on this film. Very very amateurish cut.

Different music composers gave songs for the film and they all sounded good but were presented on screen very badly. JB’s background score for the movie is too loud and irritating.

Anish Krishna, Ala Ela fame directed this movie after 4 years. The movie never looked fresh and nothing in this script seemed worthy of all the budget the production house spent on it. We have been seeing these kind of movies all the time and this is one more addition to the vault of all-time disasters.


Visuals were good

Songs were pleasant



Lethargic script

Bad narration

No Entertainment


Lover movie falls flat on giving entertainment and it irritates a viewer to no end. The novelty of this entire 2 hr length movie is car hacking that happens in the last 10 minutes. Overall, it is an average film with routine story but some good engaging moments in 2nd half and some very nice songs. You can watch it if you want to kill time.

Rating: 2.5/5