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Lokesh turning pain to TDP seniors!!


There is serious displease brewing among senior most TDP members including ministers in TDP. The displease is about IT Minister Nara Lokesh’s ways. Sources close to some of the TDP leaders many important party members and ministers are feeling increasingly insecure about their importance being reduced. This feeling might lead to unprecedented damage to the prospects of the party in the next elections.

Sources say that seniors including deputy CM KE Krishna Murthy, Ayyanna Patrudu,Yanamala Ramakrishudu, Ganta are the ones discontent with Lokesh’s ways. While KE is holding revenue post no one considers meeting him as well even for a small work and this is making feel insulted. Bojjala too is unhappy at departments given to him. and even that had been divested off him recently.

There are doubts if Ayyanna Patrudu will even get a ticket let alone ministry and Yanamala is harbouring RS dreams and is maintaining low key in party of late. Many leaders are unhappy at how things are going in the party. But who will listen to and pay attention to these warning bells?