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Caste-based mainstream media protect Daggubatis


Social media is making hell lot of noise about Sri Reddy’s revelation. The actress boldly took down on s3xploitation in the Tollywood and even came out with the startling revelation about Ramanaidu’s grandson and Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram and how he exploited lives of several acting prospects including her.

Ever since she came out with proofs there is support pouring in for the lady from several sections of the society. Youth are supporting the actress and so are the women organizations who are standing by her and demanding response from Suresh Babu and Venkatesh both regarding allegations about Abhiram.

The TV Channels that telecast live of Sri Reddy yesterday are still trending on youtube which is an indication of how far it reached to people. Meanwhile so called mainstream media which are caste based are said to be guarding the Daggubatis. Eenadu has not a single about the Sri Reddy and clamour and so was the case with ABN Andhrajyothy.

These media houses need to realize that people have gone way beyond reading or following mainstream media alone and social media seems the ruling real media in today’s times!!