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Sri Reddy Warns Rakul Preet on Casting Couch


Actress Sri Reddy has slammed Rakul Preet Singh’s views on casting couch in Telugu film industry. Shut your mouth and sit at home, she warned the Spyder actress.

Actorress Rakul Preet Singh reacts to the accusations made by Telugu actors Maadhavi Latha and Sri Reddy, who recently staged a protest against sexual harassment in Tollywood by stripping.

Rakul’s reaction to their accusations is rather interesting. She says that she doesn’t even know them. After Rakul interview, Sri Reddy warns indirectly her.

“Do you know how you look? You look like a cycle tyre. The one kids in our villages play with! I am sparing you because you are a woman. Why do you care or bother about Telugu heroines and our fights,”  Sri Reddy questioned Singh without mentioning her name. But it is widely considered that Sri Reddy was referring to Rakul’s statement that the producers had the right to choose the heroines on the basis of talent.

Sri Reddy didn’t stop there. She even threatened to beat up Rakul Preet Singh, “Don’t piss off the Telugu women, we will parade you in a garland of slippers. Don’t poke into our movements. Shut your mouth and sit at home. If you again make any such comments, we will come to your shooting spot and beat you up.”

Sri Reddy said that north Indian actresses get offers to work in movies as they are “flexible” in terms of giving “sexual favors.”