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Sri Reddy leaks pictures with Daggubati Abhiram!


Sri Reddy has been the hottest topic and TV channels are having field day bringing her for the live show. Notwithstanding was bold and gutsy Sri Reddy who is facing ire from industry people and yet seems having the same go-getter attitude.

For over a month now the actress has been in headlines with her casting couch allegations and indirectly revealed names of some people as well. She has been telling so far that a producer’s son exploited her and cheated her after promising to get her offers in movies.

The actress even protested by stripping in front of Film Chamber against attitude of MAA and drew attention of national media too.

Today in a TV Channel live show she revealed that Rana Abhiram was the man who exploited her and cheated her. Sri Reddy released the picture proofs. Sri Reddy and Daggubati Abhiram intimately cozying up pictures and kissing pictures too. The actress demanded response from father of Abhiram and Suresh Productions head Suresh Babu.

Will Suresh Babu give a response about this?