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RGV hails Sri Reddy; underrates Pawan!


It is already known that actress Sri Reddy has been taking down on film makers who are not giving chances to Telugu actresses and even subjecting them to harassment in the name of casting couch. She said earlier too people spoke about these but they gave up on the fight without getting solution.

Sri Reddy said that she is not one who’d leave it like that and said she will fight it out till the end. Sri Reddy said she will not fear any threats to her life in this fight. Already she exposed some people including their whatsapp chats. It is known Sri took a unique protest in front of the film Chamber on Saturday and this caught attention of the national media too . In fact no one ever did something like this in Tollywood before and Sri Reddy created a sensation with her act.

In this context controversial director Ram Gopal Varma tweeted about Sri Reddy adding spicy masala to the entire fiasco. Varma who always fiddles with Pawan Kalyan fans did the same again with his pun remark. His tweet reads: Sri Reddy has become a national celebrity..People in Mumbai,who don’t even know Pawan Kalyan are talking about Sri Reddy