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“80% Kapus are with Jana Sena!”


Former Minister and BJP leader from Andhra, MLA Manikyala Rao passed sensational remarks on Pawan Kalyan and TDP.

At a press meet recently Manikyala Rao took the role of soothsayer and predicted BJP’s thumping victory in the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections.

He even stated that they are aware of the news that TDP sent anti-BJP people to spoil fortunes of BJP in Karnataka. He said that the Naidu’s teams have been working to see BJP is lost in Karnataka and added that come what may it is going to be BJP that will emerge victorious in the Karnataka Assembly polls.

However, Manikyal Rao also said that Pawan Kalyan should plan on how he would like to guard the Kapus support that he has in the state. The Veteran leader said that about 80% of Kapus in AP are with Pawan Kalyan and appreciated Pawan Kalyan. Other parties see this as BJP’s lure to attract Pawan.

On the other hand TDP Ministers Kala Venkat Rao and Chinarajappa also said that all those who rallied behind Mudragada Padmanabham are now rallying behind Pawan Kalyan. Chinarajappa said TDP is a political party which gives equal importance to all sections and said Pawan is inconsistent and does not fit to be politician!

Meanwhile, Pawan already clarified that he is going to team up with left parties and not TDP or BJP for the upcoming polls.