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Another Jumping MLA is ready to resign


The leap frog MLAs, who jumped to TDP from YSRCP for Chandrababu’s monetary benefits, are living a hard life. Their political career graph is on the decline and eventually finishing, since they jumped only to get monetary benefits from the ruling government.

The present situation of such MLA’s is so bad. MLA of Kodumuru, Mr. Mani Gandhi, vent out his frustration on TDP by calling out  for a press conference and accepting that they were SOLD MLA by accepting monetary benefits than for development. He accepted that by selling himself he lost his political career and planning to quit politics.

Same is the case with other such Jumping MLAs. Mani Gandhi states that along with him another MLA Jayaramulu, who represents Badvelu constituency, is ready to resign from the Telugu Desam Party itself. He and his followers and activists are suffering a lot with local TDP gang under the leadership of Vijayamma.

MLA Jayaramulu said that not even a small cement road laying contract was not allocated to him being the current MLA. He has also called for a press conference recently and asked TDP authority if he is not a TDP party member. He further stated that he has been cheated and humiliated by TDP party incharges.

The same level of frustration is vented out by Mani Gandhi. He was quoted saying that Jayaramulu will also resign from TDP. It means all the political jumping frogs meet daily to discuss their problems with each other. Mani also said he will be on the loosing side in the next general election.